Our Story

Skapari - Lopez Island Stewardship


Skarpari was formed in 2015 with the intention of creating beautiful and functional tools for the home or field.


Each of the tools we make takes many hours of planning, designing, collecting materials, and creating. We believe that as we craft these tools, the more intentional time and love we put into each one, the better the end product will be.


In the last 8 years of creating knives, we’ve learned and expanded so much. We are now a brand creating products that are proudly manufactured in the USA. We thoughtfully sourced materials made by small artisans from around the country. 

Chris and Krista Stovall of Skarpari on Lopez Island, Washinton

About Chris & Krista Stovall

When Chris and Krista moved to Lopez Island 12 years ago, their motivation was food. They came with a desire to be more involved in farming, hunting, fishing, preserving, and cooking so they could put healthy food from known sources on the table for their family. It became apparent quickly that some cheap tools from Amazon did not fit into this lifestyle so they decided to begin making their own. 8 years ago they made their first knife to butcher the first livestock they raised. As friends and family became aware of the beautiful handmade tools they were creating, folks started to ask to barter and commission knives. Soon it was obvious that this was a needed service for the community and they have been offering these handmade tools since then.

For Chris and Krista, sustainable living starts with a good relationship with food. They believe that by reconnecting with food traditions and recipes, we can create a sustainable future for the next generation. To that end, they created Skarpari, a company that provides the tools needed to rekindle your relationship with food. Their passion for sustainable living is evident in their products, which are built to last a lifetime and beyond. By providing the right tools, they hope to help us build a bridge to a sustainable future.