Our Story

Skapari - Lopez Island Stewardship


Skarpari was formed in 2015 with the intention of creating beautiful and functional tools for the home or field.


Each of the tools we make takes many hours of planning, designing, collecting materials, and creating. We believe that as we craft these tools, the more intentional time and love we put into each one, the better the end product will be.


In the last 5 years of creating knives, we’ve learned and expanded so much. We are now a brand creating products that are proudly manufactured in the USA. We thoughtfully sourced materials made by small artisans from around the country. 

Chris S. Stovall - Lopez Island Knife Maker - Skarparo

Chris S. Stovall

After spending many years as a commercial artist, creating beautiful and functional digital and printed communication, Chris began his journey as a knife maker. Chris’ design sense, spacial understanding, and mathematical precision found an outlet in the physical world of crafting tools. The concept of craftsmanship drives him. As he watched his Father make knives as a very young child, he was struck by the beauty and precision of a knife made from an old saw blade. At the time he did not know that after years of city life, he and his wife would eventually move to the forest to raise their own family, and knife making would become a passion.


Krista Stovall - Skarpari - Lopez Island, WA

Krista Stovall

Krista has become an expert on Skarpari knives by getting to use them daily in her kitchen. Her kitchen is essentially the test kitchen for all of the tools and recipes we are bringing to you. She believes in helping people to reconnect with their ability to grow and produce healthy food all at home, no matter where that might be. She wants to share her love of food, and all things related to cooking from scratch, gardening, milking cows, crabbing, bartering with neighbors, and food preservation. She is also an artist and will be displaying her original art in our showroom.