What does Skarpari Mean?

What does Skarpari Mean?

Skarpari is the Icelandic word for Sharper

Skarpari is the Icelandic word for sharper.

Sharpness is our ultimate goal as knife makers. We have always been fascinated with the history of sharpness.

When did we acquire it? And how was it lost?

These are the questions we hope to answer as we explore the art of sharpness.

New materials, local lore, and knife history. This site and what we sell is being done in the pursuit of “Skarpari” or sharper.

We hope to help you regain sharpness in your home or out in the field, in a culture that has all but lost the ability to keep or have sharp tools.

We welcome you to accompany us on this lifelong journey in the pursuit of sharpness.

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