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Zero Waste: 60 Recipes for a Waste-Free Kitchen

Zero Waste: 60 Recipes for a Waste-Free Kitchen

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We are used to considering food as something "easy" in our life: easy to buy, easy to eat, easy to waste. This book will show you a new way to use food, with original ideas and recipes for making dishes made with food scraps that not only taste good, but also look great. Zero Waste shows you how to save on grocery shopping by transforming peels, leaves, crusts and pods into creative recipes. What is traditionally considered waste, here becomes a tasty meal like Pumpkin, Leek, and Eggplant Skin Tempura, Creamy Artichoke Leaf Soup, Cheese and Dried Vegetable Crepes, Fruit and Almond Buns, and Apple Peel Cake.

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