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Skarpari Lopez Island Organic Suncatcher Coffee

Skarpari Lopez Island Organic Suncatcher Coffee

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Available in Light, Medium & Dark

Skarpari Lopez Island Organic Sun Catcher Coffee is toll roasted to our specifications by the Rad Roasting Company in Kent, WA.

About This Coffee
Our USDA Certified Sun Catcher Honduras Guama Danta Coffee Blend is a smooth, chocolaty coffee with notes of dried fruit, roasted nuts, and brown sugar.

Guama Danta is surrounded by hills and pine forests, high in the mountains with red clay soil. This region has the highest productivity of all 15 coffee-producing regions of Honduras. It's a longtime farming community with farms in almost every possible microclimate making for nuanced, complex cups.

Tasting Notes
Characterized by fruit (golden raisin) and florals (honeysuckle) on the nose. This coffee has gently bright acidity, a syrupy-smooth mouthfeel, and a sweetly nut-toned finish (macadamia). There's a through line of crisp chocolate on the palate, with hints of molasses underneath. A balanced, richly sweet cup.

Region Comayagua
ALTITUDE: 1250-1450
PRODUCER: 136 smallholder farmers
VARIETY: Lempiras, Caturra, Catuai, IHCAFE 90, Catimor
HARVEST TIME: November - March

Bags are 12.12 oz

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