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Skarpari Customized 7" Santoku Knife

Skarpari Customized 7" Santoku Knife

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The Skarpari Santoku is a kitchen must-have for all of your slicing, chopping and scooping needs. With enough blade to get the job done quickly without being too big or heavy in hand; this versatile knife will make cooking easier than ever before!

Item: Skarpari Customized 7" Santoku
Steel: Select from High Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Hardness: 60+
Overall Length: 12"
Blade Length: 7"
Steel Thickness: 1/16"
Sharpening Angle: 20º
Handle Material: Choose your handle material and it to the cart before you make your final purchase.

Steps to ordering a Skarpari Customized 7" Santoku Knife.

  • Step 1 Pick your steel type and add your knife to the cart.
  • Step 2 - Pick your handle material and add it to the cart.
    Shop for handle materials here.

    NOTE: We are often behind on getting handle materials to the site. If you don't see anything you like online, please contact us to see if there are other handle materials coming up that you might like better.
  • Step 3 - Purchase your cart.
  • Step 4 We'll contact you to verify your order and discuss the final design details of your knife including the liner and pin colors.


  • Handle materials are not included in the price. The price will depend on the handle materials you choose.
  • Current lead time is 6-12 months.


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