"Take a look at Skarpari's knives, and you can see why they can't keep their shelves stocked. Their knives are functional pieces of art."

Skarpari Knives - Handmade On Lopez Island, WA

Skarpari Knives are the best knives you will ever own.

Our knives are designed to make you a better cook by providing the perfect balance of precision and strength with every cut. You'll be able to feel the difference that quality craftsmanship makes.

We believe that good food starts with good knives, so we've made it our mission to provide the best kitchen tools possible. With Skarpari Knives, you'll be able to chop, slice and dice your way to culinary greatness.

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There are three ways you can get a Skarpari knife.

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This is your best bet if you are looking for a knife immediately. Check the website for Skarpari knives that are currently available.

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Insider Tip: keep an eye on Skarpari's Instagram account for upcoming available knives. @skarpari_.

Customized Knife

We are all about the relationship between the cook and their kitchen tools. The Skapari Customized line is about collaborating with our customers to ensure they become knife enthusiasts in their own right by creating their own kitchen heirloom.

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Commissioned Knife

This is our premium service where the sky’s the limit.We offer kitchen and field knives. We do not make weapons. Prices start at $550 plus materials.

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How Are They Made?

Full Tang Blade

Our blades feature full tang construction. Knife blades are available in stainless steel or high carbon steel.

Full Tang Blade

We use either solid color G10, brass, or stainless steel pins. Decorative pins are available on request.

Full Tang Blade

We use a range of different handle materials. We add new handle materials to this site seasonally, focusing on materials native to the San Juan Islands.