"The level of care and attention to detail is like nothing I've experienced elsewhere. From the first meeting to the delivery of the final product, Skarpari was on point! The knife was also exactly what we were looking for. Well done Skapari!"

Skarpari Commissioned Knives

The Skarpari commissioned knife is the knife of your dreams. It's the perfect gift for that special person in your life or yourself! This isn't just any old knife; it's a work of art. Each knife is handmade with precision and care, ensuring you'll love it for years.

With its sleek design and beautiful craftsmanship, the Skarpari Commissioned Knife is sure to impress. It's the perfect addition to your kitchen collection or a unique gift for a friend or loved one.

Order your very own skarpari commissioned knife today!

The commissioned knife making process

Order Received

Once your order is received, we'll contact you to verify your order. This will be your chance to tell us about your knife and its significance in your life and show us some sketches or pictures to help us with the design process.

Design & Proofing

Once we have all your details, we will start on a digital rendering of your blade so we can discuss the size or any other changes you might have. Once the digital proof is approved, we laser-cut the knife out of wood and send it to you. We will also share a login to a site where you can follow along online with the build of your commissioned knife.

Blade Profile & Rough Grind

Once the wooden proof is approved, we cut your knife out of the metal and profile grind it, so the shape matches your wooden proof. Next is to drill the holes in the blade both for the pins and remove some metal for the handle's weight.Once that's done, we surface grind the blade to ensure it's flat. Then we grind in the rough bevels before heat treading the knife.

Heat Treating

Every steel type we use demands a different heat treating process for optimal performance. All of our blades are heat treated using a kiln at high temperatures for an extended period. The blades are then quenched based on the type of steel. They are soaked overnight in liquid nitrogen to add more hardness to the knife. The final stage is to temper the blades to their final hardness. 

Finish Grinding & Handle Prep

Once the blade is out of heat treating, it's back to the grinder to take the knife to its final finished state before we attach the handles. After the blade is ready, we prepare the handles and knives for glue up.

Handle Work & Final Edge

We use flexible waterproof marine epoxy to ensure your handles are on your blade for good! We spend the following few stages refining the final handle shape and polish. The last step is adding the final cutting edge we do with the Tormek. Its water-cooled sharpening wheel ensures no damage to the final temper of the knife by keeping the steel cool. 

The Final Product

The final product is something we can both be proud of. A truly collaborative process has produced the knife of your dreams. 

Come let Skarpari help you realize your design potential as a custom knife creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are They Made?

Full Tang Blade

Our blades feature full tang knife handles and are available in both stainless steel or high carbon steel.

Full Tang Blade

The handles are held together with either solid pins or on larger knives a decorative Skarpari logo pin.

Full Tang Blade

We use a range of different handles materials and rotate our offerings seasonally with a strong focus on San Juan Islands native timbers.