Skarpari Knife Care

Skarpari Knives are tools that we use daily, a reliable companion in cooking, hunting, fishing, sailing, and farming. A Skarpari knife is an investment, and an heirloom expected to be handed down for generations. Proper care of your knife now will make it last longer, perform better, and be safer to use.




Keep your blade clean while using it by rinsing it frequently with hot water and wiping it dry with a clean dishcloth. Always rinse it and wipe it down as if it is going to be a while before you have the chance to wash it. Wash it thoroughly after each use with hot water and natural soap. Hand dry it immediately with a clean dishcloth. Apply a thin coat of coconut or olive oil to help protect the blade from rust. Never wash your knife in the dishwasher, leave it in the sink, or leave it out wet.


Skapari Knife Care - Knife Sharpening


The easiest way to ensure your knife stays sharp is by honing and stropping. With proper care, you’ll only need to have your blade sharpened every few months. We offer the same products that we use to produce and maintain all of the knives we create. We’d be more than happy to give you a demo on how to properly keep your knife edge honed and stropped. We also offer free sharpening for life as long as you pay for the shipping in both directions or drop it off at the shop.

Skarpari also offers knife sharpening services. Learn more here.


Skapari Knife Care - Knife Storage


Keep your knife, and it’s edge safe when storing it. A magnetic knife strip or drawer inserts are ideal. If you are taking your knife on the road, we suggest you wrap it in a towel and use a rubber band to secure it.


Skapari Knife Care - Patina


Skarpari knives are made from high-carbon steel, which will turn grey over time with use. This beautiful pattern becomes a protective layer on your blade that actually prevents future rusting. The patina will vary depending on what you use your knife for and will be totally unique to your knife.


Skapari Knife Care - Rust


Living and working in a marine environment can cause even stainless steel to rust. Lightly coating the surface of the knife blade with oil will prevent the salty, moist air from coming into contact with it. If rust becomes a problem, use a Scotchbrite pad and lightly polish the blade. The dark grey patina that remains is just an addition to the story of the life of your knife.


Skapari Knife Care - Handle Wax

Handle Wax

Skarpari makes and sells an all-natural handle wax to protect your knife handle from moisture. The wax will bring out the wood grain pattern, and improve the handle appearance. It is made with local organic beeswax and native Pacific Northwest hazelnut oil. It is 100% food safe.