Our Knife Making Process

Our Knife Making Process

Crafting Blades: Where Artistry Meets Functionality

No two blades that emerge from our workshop are identical; each is an unparalleled masterpiece of design and utility. Unlike conventional production lines, our craft doesn't follow a set formula. Instead, the raw materials often guide our hands, whispering their desired destinies to us.

Our clients, with their unique requirements for custom cutlery, inspire our creations. These collaborations result in tools impeccably tailored to individual needs. The birth of each knife is a meticulous labor of love, often stretching beyond 20 hours of craftsmanship.

Our journey begins with a blank of steel, which might be reclaimed, discovered, or selectively procured for its specific attributes. From this, the blade's embryonic form emerges. Following this, initial bevels are sculpted, laying the groundwork for the knife's profile. The blade is then ushered into the rigorous realms of heat treatment, a pivotal step to fortify its resilience. A tempering dance ensues after hardening, refining the blade's ultimate toughness and edge retention characteristics. Every subsequent stage, hand-sanding or honing the edge, is done with utmost precision. The final flourish involves fitting the handle, which is carefully sanded, sealed, and waxed to perfection.

While there may be patterns or models we revisit, the essence of every knife remains distinct. In essence, each blade we forge is not just a tool but a singular piece of art, echoing stories of its maker and origin.

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