Our Knife Making Process

Skarpari Knife Making Process


Every blade we make is a unique piece of functional art.

There is no standard manufacturing process for what we do. We let the materials speak to us and tell us what they want to be. We listen to the needs of our custom cutlery clients and develop the perfect tool for their needs. A typical project takes more than 20 hours to create. We start with steel and create the blade’s basic shape. It could be repurposed, found steel, or a piece of steel we’ve purchased with known qualities. Once the shape is created, we do the initial rough grind of the bevels. The blade then goes through a heat-treating process to harden the steel. The steel is then cleaned and put through a tempering process which is what will determine its final hardness. From there the blade is hand-sanded and sharpened. The handles and liners are then attached, sanded, and sealed with wax. Every knife, even the ones that we make multiple times, is a unique work of art.