Hunting & Livestock

Skarpari Lopez Island Livestock Meat Butchering

Hunting or raising livestock for food gets you one step closer to relying on natural resources to provide for our basic needs. We believe in being in touch with where our food comes from. We see deer all year through their life cycles, and we recognize that they are living breathing beings whose life is precious. We raise goats that help us clear the brambles that then go into the freezer at the end of the season. We raise pigs who eat all the leftovers. Our chickens provide eggs until they become stew or crab bait. When the season arrives, we are ready to take them humanely and traditionally. Many of the methods of killing an animal, bleeding it out, and then butchering it are lost arts in our modern society. A sharp Skarpari tool means quick, humane hunt, and kill that respects nature and our human limits.